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This alliance is a team of MIT faculty and experts, led by Professors Simon Johnson, Retsef Levi, Kate Kellogg, and Vivek Farias. 

The COVID-19 Policy Alliance rapidly generates actionable data intelligence and operational recommendations that can help government entities and organizations make better policy decisions regarding the healthcare system and economy. 

Let our team and tools be a resource and partner in the post-virus environment.

Interactive Data Tools. 

Infection Trajectory

Machine learning model grounded in SIR dynamics, with key modifications to allow for granularity (at the county level) and much improved stability and predictive power.


Senior Facility Risk

National interactive map  of county-level static and dynamic risk factors based on demographics, health status, or other county level co-variates.

Mobilizing, Recruiting, and Protecting Essential Workers. 


Ensuring safety and providing work opportunities for front line workers

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